Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chicks in a peep

This week with the chicks have been successful. None of our feathered friends have died! Last Thursday, the chicks arrived in a box, all fluffy and yellow.  The boys were so excited to meet their 25 new friends, especially Brett.  He takes this job seriously.  He spends at least 30 minutes a day in garage singing and saying sweet things to them.  Occasionally, I'll find one who didn't make in back in the pool.  Or, there was the time when the held 3 of them hostage on top of the trash can.  Not to worry, he told me they were fine.  He told the chicks not to jump.  I just had to trust that they listened.

 Their first home I didn't get a picture of.  It was a cardboard box with a plastic trash bag taped to the inside with duck tape with newspaper on top.  FAIL.  The chicks pecked at the tape enough that it began to fall off, causing them to get their tiny feathers stuck to the tape.  OUCH! I had to pull a few too many off of the tape.  Next came the pool.  The pool setup evolved quickly.  The pool first had nothing coving the bottom.  I'm not sure how long I thought that was going to last.  It lasted a half day.  Chicks poop so much!  The bottom of the pool was covered.  Then I put down newspaper.  It didn't help much, they just pooped on top of that.  At this point the chicks were getting really dirty.  They needed a bath.  My mom in law suggested wood shavings.  So, until I was able to buy wood shaving, we used straw. 

Now, we have wood shavings, two watering containers, two food containers, and a whole lot of poop.    The wood shavings keep them clean and dry.  It also makes it for an easy clean up.  It has not even been two weeks and I'm ready for these "big" birds to move to the chicken tractor outside.  I have had enough of their fragrance. 

If you are wondering if they have any names...Roman has named one Dairy B.  Brett has casually thrown around the names like tree, house, roof, car, and motor cycle.  Interesting.

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