Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In my Garden: May 26

Here's what the garden looked like this past week:

We have blooming sage, it's beautiful. Notice one sage plant is blooming, the other is new this season.  The blooming sage plant weathered the winter.  We covered it with straw and it came back full force this spring.

 Strawberries are in bloom and so are the weeds.  Like many of you we haven't received rain for several weeks.  At least not anything that has amounted to much.  Our first pick of the strawberries were flavorless.  The seeds were  compacted together.  I assume it is due to the lack of moisture.  The second picking was more palatable.

Lettuce patch
An entire row of lettuce, which means salad everyday.  For some of us that's wonderful.  For others it means scratching our head trying to come up with more homemade salad dressing recipes.  PLEASE, share your favorites!
Breakfast radishes from the raised bed.
Saturday we planted flowers around the perimeter that attract bees.  Brett planted buckwheat inbetween some of the rows. Between all the tomatoes we planted basil.   I can't wait to go snack on tomatoes and basil in the garden.
Spring Garden
The snap peas are blooming.   These are a favorite with the boys.  Especially, Roman, he loves anything green and crunchy.  Lil Brett even influenced the dog to try the peas.  Surprisingly she is enjoying them?
Spring Garden

Saturday it sprinkled all day, which left lil Brett covered in mud.  Most of it came from wrestling with the dog.
That was our garden this week.  What's happening in your garden?

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