Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I'm only happy when it rains...

We finally got it.  I didn't think it would ever come, but it did.  Things are a little disheveled  from all the rain.  Many of the tomato cages are knocked over.  In a couple places in the summer garden the dirt washed.  I wish I would have covered all the rows with straw before this rain. Now I have to wait for a few days for the ground will be dry enough to walk in there.
Summer Garden

Compost around the onions to keep weeds down
Other than the rain, we have a strawberry problem.  One raised bed has produced quite a few delicious healthy strawberries.  the others seems to have some type of fruit rot.  It turns the fruit brownish color before it is even ripe.  I have been pulling all this fruit off so the plant won't waste resources on it. When I researched it online as to what could be the problem, it stated that fruit rot was causes by soil that is too wet.  That is defiantly not the case.  Raised beds drain well and we haven't had enough rain for things to be "wet."  Have you seen or heard of this problem before?  Any suggestions/solutions?

Lettuce patch :)
What's going on in your garden this week?

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