Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Moving Day

The chicks have well over stayed their welcome in my garage.  Last Wednesday, they turned 3 weeks old.  Naive and an educated, I thought that I would get my chicks and put them outside the day I got them.  Ha! 3 weeks later they were still in my garage stinky up my house.

Our chicken count is now to 23.  We lost one on the 2nd week, to unknown causes.  Earlier this week one got trapped under the chicken tractor in the process of moving it.  It was a little traumatic. 

They are so much easier to take care of outside.  I feed and water them morning and night,(instead of every couple hours.) This past week we have only moved them once a day.  I can see very soon, that they will need to be moved twice a day.    

Happy Chicks in the grass.
This is the view from the back deck.  It was a beautiful cloud day:)

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