Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brass knuckles, Airplanes, and Boomboxes

One of my new favorite spots is the Blue Radish Coop downtown.  If you don't know where its at look down the alley:)  This cute little shop is not more than 10 feet wide but is jam packed with fabulos finds.  This coop is made up of artist who sell their creations in the ally.  Several also hold classes.  I was lucky enough to snag a spot in recent screen printing class.
  Forgive me I don't remember the guy's name who held the class but he did play against my husband in college football. He kindly didn't mention that he beat him four years straight.

  During this two hours I was taught how screen work and are made.  Most importantly I learned how to do this at home. I brought some shirts that I purchased at Wal-mart to print. Always check the sale rack, these I bought for 1.50( I will rarely buy anything not on sale). All boy shirts to give to my boys or  as gifts. 

This one is one of my favorites!

All the screen were homemade.  He used recycled pastic to attack his screens.  The paint that is used can be from at hobby lobby.  Double bonus! 

When I came home I showed off my t-shirts to my boys.  It suprised as to which ones they choose as their favorite.  My oldest wanted to have the musicbox.

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