Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Potty Training Jester

Yes, that's what you can call me lately.
So if you don't know already, I have a 2 year old.  No, let's clarify; he is a month away from turning 3.  He is beyond wonderful and very smart.  So smart, that now he informs me while I'm changing his poopy diaper that he needs to be potty-trained or "Oh, Bummers, I need to use the potty."- Ha, no kidding. 
Last summer several months after my second son was born we tried potty training.  Things were going pretty well.  We were informed most of the time when he had to go.  On a camping trip he even used the outhouse.  I could see in the near future that our diaper bill beginning to decrease.  Good bye Huggies, Hello Lightning McQueen and Mickey Mouse underwear!
I don't remember the day, or the week, or month, but something went sour.  No more trips to the potty, He didn't even want to go near the Elmo seat.  Going to the bathroom was no longer cool and definitely not necessary.
Since then we have "tried" every once in a while, but nothing consistent.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday I was home from church with a little boy with pink eye.  After breakfast we headed to the bathroom.  Surprisingly he didn't refuse.  Much to my doubting mind within seconds, success!   I was cheered, yelled, high fived, and plain celebrated.  Wait a minute.  (My father told me once, don't count your chickens before they’re hatched).

Plan: I would go get the sucker; he would go to his room and wait for me to put a diaper on him.
I went to the kitchen found a mango sucker- I love mango, they are so succulent- he went his room.  On my up the stairs my mommy ears heard something.  You guessed it- peed all over the floor.  You must be kidding me. Sigh

End of the story, I gave him the sucker and cleaned up the mess. 
What are some of your potty training stories?  Suggestions appreciated.


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  2. Sorry, my boys are 2 years 8 months apart. :-s

  3. First, I did not mean to remove you comments. I have to remember not to check my blog via iPhone, bad things happen. Tomorrow I will try to repost your helpful information.
    Second. Thanks for your insight. It is reassuring to hear that I am not the only one to struggle. I'm trying to stay patient and as positive as can be. Often times I feel discouraged and want to give up for the day. Thanks for the encouragement.
    Third, when you post again I will make sure not to remove your comments again.

  4. There is Wendy's post that accidently got removed.

    "First, I like your blog. You are a great mommy and are working hard for your household's benefit. That is encouraging to moms like me.

    I have two boys who are 2 years and 2 months apart. The oldest is talkative, loves disorder and noise, and has never been one to follow or mimic. He took nearly all of 3.5 years to potty train. With him, he would wet himself within 20 min of being taken to the bathroom. He didn't seem to notice accidents half the time; just kept playing. We would try pottytraining for a week with mixed success ending in no progress, wait a few weeks, and try again. I knew we were finally making progress when I could take him hourly without accidents in between. For the last couple of months, the trips to the bathroom were almost all initiated by me. He finally, finally got the hang of it. He did have a relapse of accidents about 6 months later when he'd be playing far from the bathroom and not feel like going upstairs, etc., and there were negative consequences that stopped that behavior within a week. Lessons learned: If they can go an hour between potty breaks and usually go on demand, it's okay to start training officially.

    My second son pretty much potty-trained himself at age 2.5. I was shocked and thrilled. He is more orderly than his older brother, and would gruffly demand I leave the bathroom while he did his business, even at the beginning. There was some reminding and scheduled potty breaks for the first few weeks, and a couple of bad evenings of repeated accidents, but otherwise, such a different experience.

    Also, with the older brother, I rewarded going #2 on the potty with a basket of wrapped $1 presents. He loved getting to pick one out to open.

    Son 2 stopped wetting the bed at a year younger than Son 1. Every kid is different, as you know.

    Good luck; sounds like you are being patient!"