Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Birthday Bannner

This is one of the easiest crafts to create for a birthday party or celebration.  I have made a coulpe of these in the past.  My best friend is using her banner in photographs.  Kids can decorate their room with them.  There are endless possibilities.  So as I promised, here it is. 


Fabric of your choice- I used burlap, I love the natural look to it.  I used old dress shirt of my husband and left over ligthening McQueen and Mater fabric from pajama pants
sewing machine
ribbon or something to sew your triangles to
pins to hold everything in place
contrasting thred

Cut 6-8 triangles from a pattern you have made.  Draw a triangle on a piece of paper, cut it out, then trace around it on the fabric and cut them all out at once.  Remember they don't need to be exact, imperfection is part of the banner.

If you want add triangles on top on triangles now is the time.  To make my triangles smaller I just cut my pattern off one side a bit.  About an inch of thick is what I cut off.  Pin the other triangles on using pins.  Add letters or characters or numbers to your triangles with more pins.  I just cut out McQueen and Mater out of the flannel print that I had.
ZigZag stitch the triangles together.

ZigZag stitch around character.
Pin the triangles to the ribbon and use the sewing machine to connect them. When sewing make sure to take out your pins before you are about to sew over them.  Some keep them in, but I have broken my needle before leaving them in.  Sew over extra triangle and additions.  I used  a zigzag stitch to sew my things together.  I think it gives them a fun look.

Now you are ready to party it up with your new birthday banner.

What fun craft things do you make for your child's birthday celebration?

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