Friday, March 16, 2012

Simplify my kitchen- Afters

A few days ago I showed you the inside of my pantry and refrigerator pantry and refrigerator.  The fact that you are still reading this means we must still be friends or yours must look as bad as mine.  If you remember I accepted the challenge of declutering my life by Simple Mom.  Each week we look at a different area in our house to organize.   This week happen to be the pantry and refrigerator.

Tonight I finally got to the fridge.  It was gross.
I took out 6 containers of lard or some kind of fat, not sure what we're saving that for.  A few more jars and baggies were disposed of.  Most of the food was all still good inside.  Everything just need to be cleaned out.  All the drawers were taken out and washed.   The reorganizing was a success because when my husband opened the door, he asked what happen.  -That's always a good sign.

I went ahead and wiped down the outside, then I was tempted to open the freezer, but decided to play it safe.  That was enough progress for one day.  
My pantry after some organizing.

So, did you make it through your pantry or fridge this week?  Feel free to share your before and afters.

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