Saturday, March 10, 2012

Heart monitor

So I now what the name of my blog is, you don't have to remind me.  The weather has been no excuse and husband is always willing to watch the boys if I want to take a quick jog.  Well lately it just hasn't been "working out" you could say.  A few days ago I came straight home from work to fit a quick run before picking up the boys.  It was a beautiful day, warm enough for shorts.  I got dressed plugged my phone and scosche myTrek, heart monitor in to charge.  Searched for the dog leash- no luck, grabbed a piece of gum and headed out the door.  While I was opening up my apps and strapping my heart monitor I noticed that it was reading my heart rate.  Well it was obvious that I was not flat lining so I a few things.  Sadly enough I couldn't get it work.  So I had to go on my run with no documentation of heart rate, distance, or calorie burn.  Many of you, if you're even still reading, maybe saying who cares. I do.  I'm into that type of thing.  Not that I have to meet a certain target but that I can begin setting goals. 

  • I want run this route with a faster pace. 
  • I want to find a route that is longer.
  • This route increases my heart rate from the hills.
  • I ran that route fast but my heart rate wasn't as high- I wasn't sucking wind.
Now you mind be asking are you training for something?  No not necessarily.  I love the way my body feels after I run, or even workout for that matter.  I'm happier, more energetic, sleep better, sleep less, and get more things done.  I really have not down sides except for it takes time to do it.   I could make this more convenient by taking my boys with me. Well, yes but they are heavy and one tends to not leave the other one alone.  And the double stroller new a new tube.  (I'll have to work on that).
After dinner walking club

Enough about that.  So my real frustration is the heart monitor that doesn't work.  Do you use a heart monitor when you workout?  Which one?  Do you have any suggestions for getting mine to work, besides for sending it back?

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  1. I don't use a heart monitor but I do always track my distance and pace. I get being upset that it didn't work! Sometimes I almost feel as if my run doesn't count unless I know exactly how far I went :)