Saturday, March 10, 2012

Processed food confession

After posting my last post I am feeling quite guilty.  You may be thinking, what did you buy?  Ha.  I haven't been to the store.
Let's just go back a few days, Thursday I believe.  One of my favorite bloggers is Joy the Baker, she is a light hearted, funny, bundle of joy.   She is a food blogger and does podcast.  I haven't caught one yet, but I want to.  Last week her first cookbook came out, I haven't ordered it yet (hint, hint). 

photo from joy the

Anyways, back to Thursday.  Joy posted the most wonderful easy recipe that I have read of hers so far.  It's called cinnamon roll biscuits. Mmmm .Yes they are yum.  Here comes the confession:  I have made them twice since Thursday.  I can't stop thinking about them, they are so good.  Tomorrow I will not make them.  I can't guarantee that Monday they won't creep onto my counter though.  No guarantees. 

Oh, by the way if you run out of flour, cake flour work fine, just saying.  The recipe can be found on Joy's link above.
My baby, he still prefers bananas over biscuits any day.

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