Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sugar Detox

A couple weeks ago I read of a woman who went on a sugar detox for an entire month. She then blogged about her month long journey to sugar free. She talked in depth of the cravings she had. Now I feel that cravings are natural. They are sometimes our bodies way of letting us know that we are deficient in a certain area. When she began describing her craving it sounded very familiar. I staring thinking about what I was eating and the way I was feeling throughout the day. To be perfectly honest I haven't been eating very well. Work has been very busy and my two boys keep me on the move, all the time.
After I heard my best friend and my sister-in-law were going sugar free for the rest of March I thought there was no better than now. Thanks to Joy the Baker's cinnamon roll biscuits I could use a little less sugar.

Day 1: I feel confident that I can do this, who needs sugar? I don't need sugar. Soon my body will be happy with real food and natural favors. First temptation cinnamon roll biscuits. No problem I sent one with my son and I didn't take a bite. Coffee: normally i have creamer, i replaced it with raw milk and a splash of homemade vanilla extract. Surprisingly satisfying. Things were going well until after lunch. Normally I find a piece or three of sugar candy. Instead I had some granola( I know that has sugar in it.) I also ended up having some pretzels. Not bad overall. I can do better tomorrow'.

Day 2: no more cinnamon roll biscuits;the ants got. The ants got the rest. Thank you hungry ants. After I had bad sugar cravings again. I ate more pretzels. The evening went well until my mother-in-law announced that she had made homemade coconut and banana pudding. I politely declined but later I couldn't resist, i had a small taste it was good, but i was done. Before I went to bed I began to feel the need for something sweet. I opted for decaf tea. That worked pretty well.

Day 3: Sick baby: home from work all day. No bad cravings after lunch. After putting the boys to bed I needed something sweet. I found some dried dates and cherries. They tasted great.

Day 4: Short day a work. This is the first day I don't feel restricted. After lunch I had a few dates
and felt great. I just realized no Starbucks while on this detox, unless it's a latte. No biggie.

Day 5: Again after lunch I had a craving. This time I wasn't at home to find a good snack. So I decided I would go get some unsweetened tea from Quiktrip. It tasted good but didn't help the craving. I found a piece of gum. It help me until it was time to leave. In the evening I clean out my fridge, for simplifying my life, and found a specialty chocolate that I had forgot about. It was sweetened with honey. I ate it and it tasted great and wanted more. There was only one piece thank goodness. That was my first real dessert from the detox. Oh and after dinner mints, are made from sugar. Opps.

Day 6:  Busy day in the garden.  Things went well until dinner time.  I was feeling the need for dessert.  I decided to make a sugar-free, gluten sweet treat.  It was hard to stop once I had a bite.
Day 7: After last night I feel I need to run.  Morning run with the dog helped clear my mind.  New day, new opportunities.  Today started the week long birthday week.  Two parties today.  First party I did great.  It was easy to say no thank.  The second party was a cookout with smores, homemade cookies, and homemade pudding, I only had a small taste.  I didn't realize how much I taste test everything*.

One week and what can I say?
-It has been easier than I thought to say no to sweets that thought would be difficult.
-I taste test a lot more than I realize.  When cooking I try everything.
-I'm surprised that the cravings are still here and this intense.
-I feel like I am eating more especially at dinner.

One week down and feeling strong.  What tips or suggestions do you have from your experiences from a sugar free detox?

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