Thursday, March 22, 2012

Simplify my Life Week 3

This weeks challenge was to conquer counter tops, closets, or junk drawers.  I chose a little combo of the desk area (aka throw anything here that you don't know where it goes) and our entryway closet. 
Both scary areas of the house.  When guest come over I usually hide clutter in these areas. Of course, all the clutter stays when the guest depart.

First I began with the desk.  I first started at the top getting rid of anything that didn't belong there.  I put things in piles of where they belong in other parts of the house.  Then I began sorting everything in categories:
  • things that need attention (bills)
  • receipts to save and file
  • greeting cards, stamps
  • tax information

Each has it's own place in or on the desk.  Hopefully this will give us a new start to things.

As for the closet, the major problems were not enough hangers to hang up the coats, items that didn't belong, and the storage bins were not organized any more.  My goal for the closet was to be able to fit our vacuum cleaner in it.  I am tired of sharing a room with it. This closet didn't take much time to defeat.  My husband definitely noticed.

With all this rain I have been able to get a lot of spring organizing accomplished.

What spring cleaning projects have you attempted?

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  1. Way to go! I have some potential projects like that around here, too. I've been ignoring them for a while. :/