Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday Week Begins!

Today, waiting for cake, celebrating my husbands special day.

Welcome to the birthday week!  That's right, all week, everyday, we will celebrating someones birthday or anniversary.  It will be a week full of sugar, late nights, and food.   Is it over yet?

Last year, my son's 2nd birthday party.  Yes I was pregnant.
No, I it will be fun and when it's over I will be happy.  I love celebrating and making my family feel important but I don't think it is one of my strengths.  My intentions are good but in the end I always feel like I should have done more.  That I believe comes from an over the top society.  In our household we try to get things simple, the guest list short, and presents minimal.  For the most part we success at this. 
My son a few days ago.
At the end of this week we are celebrating my oldest son's 3rd birthday.  If you ask him how old he is going to be he would say 7.  Yesterday it was 6.  He loves Lightening McQueen.  When asked what I was doing for his birthday, I replied "Not spending money."  For the party, the plan is to have a BBQ.  One way we keep food cost and preparations minimal is to ask our guest(family members) to bring a side.  I learned this smart technique from my mother-in-law always, have your guest bring a dish then you will always have enough food.  It's always worked out for me.  We supply the meat and dessert guest bring a side dish.
Waiting for cake-see the shirt.
My son has decided that he wants lightening McQueen on his birthday cake, last year it was a tractor.  Since I'm not purchasing anything for the party, I will need to get creative.

 Last week I began making him a cars movie banner. This was made from things around my house.  A tutorial on this is coming later this week.

On to the cake.  It will be homemade, of what kind I haven't decided.  I want to use the fabric characters on it.  I'm not sure what to adhere the fabric to, to put on the cake.  That's where you guys come in.  How can I use fabric with cake?  Any suggestions are appreciated.
This the character I want to cut out to be on the cake.

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  1. I would adhere the fabric to something sturdy such as a piece of light-weight cardboard/posterboard, and then at least protect the top of the cake with clear wrap. Ice cake before placing this on top. If you use new/unused posterboard you may feel okay about not using the clear wrap underneath the shape. I would use a small amount of icing around the edge of the shape, blending out. m