Thursday, March 1, 2012

70 degrees = Spring fever

Yes, that was the temperature today.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  On the way home from work I decided to stop at our local greenhouse for some seeds and plants for our "cold" weather garden.  I had been through the seeds from last year and they weren't enough. This greenhouse is best place around in my opinion. 

As soon as the garden is tilled I will plant these.  I found everything except for Arugula and Kale. 
After that I picked up the boys, they were jumping off the walls.  I thought a little park time would be just what we need.
I managed to make a new facial cleanser that I found on Pinterest. I'll let you know what I how it’s working later-
The baby went down for a nap and my son and I went out to prep our garden for tilling.
We moved the wood that was sitting on our herb garden.  It doesn't look like much but soon it will be vibrant shades of green.

I picked some of the first chives for my dinner salad. it has been so long since I have tasted fresh chives.  They were amazing:)

Lastly before baths I threw the chickpeas in the oven.  When they came out after the boys were in bed, they looked like this. 

This was one of the best evenings I have had in a while.

How did you enjoy the wonderful weather?

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