Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Simplifying my life

So as if there is not enough going on; spring has to come and you know what that means... spring cleaning!! This is rare that I want to have anything to do with cleaning. I embrace mess and dirt, ha.
Last week I participated in a project simplify on decluttering my childrens' room. That was a success. I was able to clear out an entire box of toys and books that they weren't using or didn't need. All clothes that were too small were shipped out and the new sizes were moved in. Broken toys and trash were sent to the garbage. I felt really good about the first week, I forgot to take before and after pictures, sorry. The only thing that I kept thinking was that I didn't want to tackle my own closet.

Sorry this is so dark. It's better that way, wink wink.
This week the area to conquer is the fridge and the pantry. Here are my before photos. Scary I know. Showing someone the inside of your fridge is like bearing your soul. We now are much closer. Feel free post your fridge, it would be fun.

 Last night I got through the pantry. I threw out all the old food that the ants were probably living in. All food that was opened any way and food that we didn't use was taken out. Then the shelves were organized according to uses like baking, cooking, cereal, oils, and so on. All that's left is the top shelf and to wipe out them all out. 

Tonight I will tackle the fridge and then maybe the freeze the next night. Cue scary music-

My favorite part is the leaning tower of Tupperware.

 Do you have spring cleaning fever?  What are you decluttering?

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